DJ Gatsby Book Club “Books Of The Month” September 2015

These are our DJ Gatsby Book Club “Book Of The Month” selections for September 2015. This has been a great summer and as we head into the fall we want to recommend you a few good books to read. As always we encourage all of our On-Line DJGBC members to Purchase, Read & Leave Book Reviews on Amazon.Com for all of our books..

Brooklyn on Lock 2: Stackin’ Riches

sono 32The BK is hot! Money is flowing like spring water. T-SKI has that werk that has the streets fiendin’ and the haters plottin’ and schemin’. And others want his head! But PO is on his way home from a bid, perhaps, just in time to level the playing field before the guns start to pop off.

Meanwhile, MO is having serious problems of his own that threaten to quicken the brother’s demise before they can carry out their plan to put BROOKLYN ON LOCK. Will they survive the many snakes that slither around them?

Sometimes, the cost of making it big in the drug game comes at a price that must be paid in blood. Are the brothers truly ’bout that life? Or will one of New York’s toughest boroughs swallow them alive before they attain the riches they seek?

How A Man Loves His Woman Kindle Edition

IMG_20150901_231442Jeremiah is handsome, successful and totally devoted to his wife, Lena. Their nearly perfect life is missing just one thing – the child they’ve been trying to conceive for 3 years. Thinking something might be wrong with why they can’t seem to conceive lands each of them at the doctor. A nearly fatal illness reveals more about their marriage than could have been expected. As this loving couple works through the “in sickness and in health” part of their marital vows, a deeper level of love, faith and commitment emerge, showcasing in the end, the true meaning of unconditional love.

Step Out of Your Box: 31-Days of Daily Encouragement

11900016_10204908801260408_7767550680731792705_nIn her dynamic new devotional, Step Out of Your Box: 31-Days of Daily Encouragement, author Edith Nevis will inspire and motivate you to step out on faith, tear down emotional walls, and allow God’s love to lead you into victorious living. This practical easy to follow devotion includes a personal journal for your convenience.



The only thing harder than change is staying the same.” This saying becomes true whenMaurice, a young drug boss from the streets of Trenton, New Jersey, becomes extremelyconflicted as he begins to experience a series of dreams that could be deemed nothing less thansupernatural.Each dream takes him on a roller-coaster ride through an unfamiliar historic past – repletewith lessons that he had not learned; and, therefore, could not apply to his young and tumultuouslife. Nevertheless, the dreams continued to fiercely and frequently invade his being, somehowexchanging his now with his then. But that’s impossible! He wasn’t there or was he? Terrified by his inability to protect himself from dreams that could not be real, Maurice isfaced with a life-altering decision when a bitter drug-rival challenges his control over his all-too-real marked territory by invading it.


athena dent 5“Silk” by Author / Editor / Screenwriter Athena Dent is a touching and lighthearted story about a group of young ladies who are sisters and friends. Its a short story that touches on relationships with men and some of the emotions that women go thru in dealing with them.She does a great job keeping it interesting and funny while showing us all the one thing that helps them remain friends.

*Get familiar with this fantastic Author Athena Dent.

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