WB Media Group Authors Spotlight: Author Athena Dent “SILK”

AUTHOR PICTUREFrom a young age, Athena Dent knew her purpose in life and that was to be a humanitarian.   Besides being a former Social Worker (12 years), caring and nurturing infants/children (30 years), Educator, Mentor and Volunteer, she has always had one passion……….writing.   She began writing poetry at the age of 14 and while working in various professions, her writing evolved.   She decided to do screenwriting and after having her work was reviewed; it was recommended that she write novels.   After much thought; she took one of her screenplays, “Silk” and turned it into a manuscript.   After two years of trying to get an agent/reputable publishing company to publish her work (and 50 rejection letters), she decided to self-publish her book.   At the time, Mrs. Dent was going through a DEVASTATING life situation, which caused her to go through a healing process.  That healing process allowed her to complete three books consecutively.


Her first book, “Silk” was published in 2009 and is about five generational women who are best friends, but each woman goes through a difficult life situation.  Her second book, “One of a Kind Love” was published in 2010 and is about two undercover police officers who are partnered together, but fall in love (there are two other plots intertwined into the story).  Her third book, “Franchesca’s Journey” (not yet published) is about a child, who winds up in foster care (her inspiration came from her eight-year experience working with families in the foster care population); this is also her first young adult/educational book and her goal is to get this book into every middle/high school all over the country.  Mrs. Dent completed two more manuscripts in 2014; “Emerging Cocoon” (sequel to “Silk”) and “The Beginning” (poetry book).   She is currently working on her first children’s book series, “Lady A: The Life of a Teddy Bear” (a series of 13 stories and each book comes with a teddy bear).   The underlying factors for all of Mrs. Dent’s books are FAITH, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and OVERCOMING ADVERSITY.   One of her philosophies is- THERE CAN ALWAYS BE RESOLUTION.   She wants her books to be a ‘light’ for people to better themselves and relationships with others.  She mentors other writers.

Athena Dent with Jeff "DJ Gatsby" Wilson forunder of The WB Media Group  the African American Festival in White Planis, NY in 2015
Athena Dent with Jeff “DJ Gatsby” Wilson founder of The WB Media Group at the African American Festival in White Plains, NY in 2015

Mrs. Dent has a B.A. in Human Services, years of medical training and child care experience.  She continues to keep an active lifestyle.   Besides being a wife and mother of two, she volunteers with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and YMCA.  She is avid in fitness and nutrition.   She has studied/practiced nutrition for over 30 years, she pursued Martial Arts and obtained a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Doe at the age of 41 (she continues to practice Martial Arts and hopes to open a dojo {school}).



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