In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media Group features Author Sonovia Alexander

In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media group will be featuring 29 people in 29 days who are creating “Modern Day Black History in their community or chosen profession.

*Today February 8, 2016 the WB Media Group features Author / Publisher & Playright Sonovia Alexander

Sonovia has been writing since the early age of 7 and It has always been a dream of hers to become a successful writer. Working a full time job and taking care of her family, she still finds the time to devote in writing and creating stories for her supporters to enjoy. Sonovia has written 20 books out and is working on a few more. Stay tuned as this author tries to write her way into history.

A New Design (1)

Sonovia Alexander is a national best selling author that was signed under True Glory publications in May of 2013. She has currently released 8 books under the True Glory. Sonovia is the author of the Silent Cries series, Ghetto Love series, He Loves Me To Death and the Lustful Sins Series.

Sonovia has since left True Glory and started Snow Publishing  where she is CEO and has signed 10 new and upcoming authors. She also released a few more books to add to her ever growing list of book that she has written.  Sonovia is not just  an author she works a full time job, is a married devoted mother of 4. She lives in Queens, NY and is looking to take her writing to another level. She has written a adapted stage play based on one of her book and it is set to premiere in 2016.  Sonovia is currently working on 4 different projects, and will be releasing a new books every 3 months.



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