In Honor of Black History Month 2016 the WB Media Group features Author, Singer & Composer George Naim Cash

In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media Group will be featuring 29 people in 29 days who are creating “Modern Day Black History in their community or chosen profession.

*On February 23rd, 2016 the WB Media Group features Author, Singer & Composer George Naim Cash

A New Design (3)

First time Author George Naim Cash shares the highlights of his life in his book The Good & The Bad. He shares his success and his failures as he makes the transition from being a young boy to a man. He became a talented teenage singer and member of a boy band whos dreams of becoming a entertainer were crushed so he turned to a life of crime. This is just the first part of this mans story which follows his life up to when he is about 27 years old. I loved the honesty in which this story is told and cant wait till the second installment of this Biography is released.

12417931_10205648728918137_1930714645617434029_nThis autobiography is a complete true account of my life and my shenanigans. It all begins with sex, at what some may think was too young. It moves on to me being under a recording contract while in still in high school. I tell about my meeting Michael Jackson and his entire family back stage after a concert in New York & moving on into a life of crime, including drug trafficking, gun running & bank robbery. I talk about my time in prison and the very serious way that it made me a man. So join me on this very real life journey into a young mans life, and see where it lead me. Please be advised however, THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!! #FlameO


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