In Honor of Black History Month 2016 the WB Media Group features Labor Activist & Author Glynda Gamble-Linton

In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media Group will be featuring 29 people in 29 days who are creating “Modern Day Black History in their community or chosen profession.

*Today February 14th, 2016 the WB Media Group features Labor Activist & Author Glynda Gamble-Linton

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Glynda Gamble-Linton is a native of Florida and currently lives and work in Plantation, Florida as the National Secretary Treasurer of her Union. She is also the author of the bestselling book Shoes on the Wrong Foot, it’s her first published work. Glynda is attended Miami-Dade Community College, studying Early Childhood Education. After one year she changed her major to Business and transferred to Barry University and Nova University, where she also studied Labor Law. She is divorced and has 3 sons, Corey (deceased), Darryl and Christopher.

Her passion as a community and political activist has been her lifelong work, she spends her time giving back to her communities by getting involved in organizations like Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, All Children’s Hospital Cancer Center, Cooperative Feeding Food Bank and Women in Distress, which helped lend some of the experiences CeCe Copeland has endured. A twelve years Breast Cancer Survivor and avid reader, Glynda decided that it was time she contributed back to the Literary World. Linton is already at work on her second novel as CeCe Copeland is continuing her quest for true love.