DJ Gatsby Book Club “Book Review” What If, A Walk Through Time by James Horton

DJGBC gives this book 5-STARS – You May Think You Know But You Have No Idea!!

51KkOWKFmaLReading a book can sometimes be both life changing and rewarding. James Horton has written a book which can and will be both. It touches on a few subjects such as Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination which we all need to re-evaluate and learn to really understand if we all want to live in peace and harmony.

What If, A Walk Through Time is a story that is unique and well worth your time to read, review and share. I guarantee it will encourage a conversation about race, forgiveness and compassion in the Black and White communities. No matter what color you are, the hard truth is that you can’t truly understand what a person goes thru in a world filled with Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination until you take a walk in their shoes.


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WB Media Group Authors Spotlight: Author James Horton

What If.  A Walk Through Time



Throughout U.S. American History racism has played a key role in society. Often when we as a nation discuss slavery; it is from one point of view. The view is either as a black person telling their story of slavery from their thoughts as a Slave or as a white person doing the same as a Master. What I would like for everyone to do, is look at slavery as if the white man is the Slave and the black man is the Master.

Author James Elvis Horton
Amazon Book Reviews
If only everyone could read or experience this What If journey. The untold or misunderstood challenges black men face everyday. James really captured today’s issues. As a black man to read the life we live was eye opening. ..wake up people.
This book was sitting on a co-workers desk. I was curious so i picked it up and couldn’t put it down. I read it cover to cover before the co-worker returned from lunch. Very good read. Three short stories that sum up the world we live and have lived in from a point of view that has never been told before. Highly Recomended!!!!
Read it from cover to cover without a break. Author keeps the reader very involved. Each story told is both realistic and believable. I felt like I was part of the story. The statistics at the end were very shocking and reminds us of the world we live in. Will be reading it again to catch anything I may have missed…
Awesome and easy read!! I didn’t want it to end. I loved the transitions and the different paths the author used to relate the times to one another. I’d definitely recommend this book to others. Can’t wait for more!!
Author James Elvis Horton

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat and easy read!!!!

For someone who doesn’t read unless it’s necessary or required, this was an easy and interesting book to read. This book addressed situations that people normally think about but not openly discuss. I’m happy that I was introduced to this book and I will be waiting for more.


5.0 out of 5 starsGreat book! Must read

I nominate this book for Book Of The Month. The author demonstrated a gift,talent and creativity. The book was both hilarious and serious. The author creatively brought forth very serious social issues in a unique and comical way. Great book! Must read!
James, you were right!! I could not put this down!!! I enjoyed the different outlooks presented in the book. This is something we face everyday of our lives no matter where or what we do. Hope this is an inspiration to all of us to treat each other better.
Great book. I don’t do a lot of reading for entertainment. I purchased this book in support of someone trying to make a difference in the world. I’m glad I took the time to read it. Each chapter touches your emotions and grabs your attention. This book opened my mind to even more “what ifs” I hope this is just the beginning of more to come.

“Money By Blood In The 845” by Baby Boy

The book game is so full of new authors that you can hardly keep track of them all. The industry has almost become a “Female Dominated” endeavour with so few male authors releasing books these days. But there is a brother who is determined to turn some heads with his new book “Money by Blood In The 845”. Its not you typical “Run Of The Mill Because The Mill Don’t Run” Street Fiction book ,says Author Baby Boy a/k/a Rashid Tha Author.


pizap.com14667303743761.jpgIn his upcoming interview with WB Media Group for DJ Gatsby Book Club he sets the story straight and answers all of the rumors about the book. “Money By Blood In The 845”  is the first book in this 3 Part Series and he wants the Readers, Haters  & Fans alike to step into his World, his Reality and his Domain.


“Money By Blood In The 845” is scheduled for an August 23rd 2016 release ( WBMG Publishing) and he is anxious to see what the world has to say about his unique perspective of the “Money” and “The Blood Shed” in “The 845”.


In Honor of Black History Month 2016 the WB Media Group features Legendary New York DJ/MC Rod “Rod Razor” Smith

In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media group will be featuring 29 people in 29 days who are creating “Modern Day Black History in their community or chosen profession.

*Today February 12th, 2016 the WB Media Group features Legendary New York DJ/MC Rod “Rod Razor” Smith

Rod Smith a/k/a Rod Razor was born and raised in Nyack, NY. He always had a talent for music and entertainment which explains how he came to be one of the most respected Battle Rappers in the business . He was the DJ / Emcee / Hype Man for the Phase Production Crew from  Nyack , New York and had a crowd pleasing  his rap style much like that of DJ Hollywood from New York City.

A New Design (22)

But he is most notably known for being a member of the Legendary Wilson Brothers Crew  with DJ Tabu & The Terrorizing 3 MC’s where he battled such legendary hip hop crews as  Kool Herc & The Herculoids, Afrikaa Bambatta & The Soul Sonic Force, Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five, Funky four Plus One, The Sugar Hill Gang , The Crash Crew and many more .

He later went on to record 2  Classic but never released Hip Hip Records “The Big Beat Rap” and “Everyone Loves An Emcees” with The Terrorizing 3 members Danny “Dapper Dan” Dickerson (RIP)  & Jeff “MC Gatsby”  Wilson.

He now lives in Birmingham,Al with his lovely wife Trisha where is still Spinning & Rapping as CEO of RNT Entertainment. Always one to give back to his community he comes to New York to Headline the Annual Nyack, NY Reunion.

Model Gwen Rodgers is under Da Spotlight with Jeff Wilson

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Welcome to My name is Gwen Rogers.

I’m a Native of Racine, Wisconsin & currently residing in the Washington DC metro area for the past 30 years. Many of you may know me from numerous magazines & publications. Such as Playboy, Jet, Ebony Man. Including many music videos & some small tv/film roles. Also including several controversial tabloids too. Such as the National Enquirer, Radar Online, Dish Nation tv & 20/20. Most people in the DMV know me for over 20 as a professional dancer at Camelot Show Bar in Washington DC.

Gwen has since retired & moved on to promoting various night clubs in the district of Columbia such as Josephine & Current. I also dedicated my time & effort towards various charities plus charitable events around the metro DC area for the past five years. Such as Becky Lee’s fight for domestic violence, Fight For Children (Fight Night), Fight for the cure of breast cancer, feeding the homeless with Touraine Lynch (Enchanting Women) just to name a few.

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