“Money By Blood In The 845” by Baby Boy

The book game is so full of new authors that you can hardly keep track of them all. The industry has almost become a “Female Dominated” endeavour with so few male authors releasing books these days. But there is a brother who is determined to turn some heads with his new book “Money by Blood In The 845”. Its not you typical “Run Of The Mill Because The Mill Don’t Run” Street Fiction book ,says Author Baby Boy a/k/a Rashid Tha Author.


pizap.com14667303743761.jpgIn his upcoming interview with WB Media Group for DJ Gatsby Book Club he sets the story straight and answers all of the rumors about the book. “Money By Blood In The 845”  is the first book in this 3 Part Series and he wants the Readers, Haters  & Fans alike to step into his World, his Reality and his Domain.


“Money By Blood In The 845” is scheduled for an August 23rd 2016 release ( WBMG Publishing) and he is anxious to see what the world has to say about his unique perspective of the “Money” and “The Blood Shed” in “The 845”.



Rashid Tha Author a/k/a Baby Boy joins WBMG Publishing

Join me in welcoming the newest author to join the WBMG Publishing Camp. His names is Rashid Tha Author a/k/a Baby Boy and he brings a new era to WBMG. He is from the New York area and has a talent for writing raw, urban flavored street novels. His first release for WBMG will be “Blood In the 845” a powerful story about life in The Hudson Valley Region of New York. Get familiar with Rashid Tha Author a/k/a Baby Boy, follow him on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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