In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media Group features Award Winning Author / Poet / Actor James Gordon

In Honor of Black History Month 2016 The WB Media group will be featuring 29 people in 29 days who are creating “Modern Day Black History in their community or chosen profession.

*Today February 11th, 2016 the WB Media Group features National Bestselling Award Winning Author / Poet / Actor James Gordon

G.P.A. (Greatest Poet Alive) is the author of four books of Poetry (The Confessional Heart of a ManThe Book of 24 OrgasmsThe Mind of a Poetic Unsub, and Revenge of the Orgasm), contributed to several anthologies, and has released one cd (The G.P.A. Experience). He is the winner of the Moth Storytelling Slam, Poetry Pentathlon, and Black Essence Award, as well as having been nominate Poet of the Year for three years and Book of the Year twice. Currently, G.P.A. has added acting to his resume with two movies (Persian Version and Animals) and television shows (Chicago PDChicago Fire, and Mind Games). G.P.A. proudly claims Chicago as his home.




DJGBC December 2015 Book Of The Month: Angelica’s Box by The Greatest Post Alive

Awardwinning Author / Poet and Actor James Gordon a/k/a The Greatest Poet Alive a/k/a/ BoBo a/k/a PIZZLE is back with what may be his most interesting book to date.

Angelica’s Box: A Poetically Sober Psychotic Break (Pizzle’s Trilogy of Insanity)


gpa 2015 4

There comes a moment when it all makes sense because you change perspective. You encounter so many women that you understand that they are different, and you have to treat them differently. That sounds simple, but as a man, you don’t get it right off. Not saying I do now, but my comprehension of the estrogen species has improved. These poems, of various forms and themes, stem from my interactions with women in all walks of my life. Do your best to be objective. After all, I’m a man.